Supporting Local

The why and how of local.

Reasons to Support Local

Ways to Support Local

There are a number of ways you can support local. Even small actions can make a big impact. Here are some additional ideas to help you get started.

  • Add your local farm, ranch, or CSA to Local Harvest or another on online local food directory.
  • Shop local at least six times a year by supporting the local farmers market, local butcher, local barter or trade, u-pick, or join a local Community Supported Agriculture subscription (CSA).
  • Grow local food in a garden (home, community garden, greenhouse, hoop house, etc.).
  • Volunteer to help Backyard Harvest or a local food bank/pantry/meal program.
  • Serve local produce at your restaurant, special event, or catering business.
  • Organize local food swaps and/or other neighborhood events to celebrate the abundance of local produce during the summer.
  • Enhance my culinary skills by attending a cooking class, following the Local Foods, Local Flavors blog or experimenting with local food in my own kitchen.
  • Contribute as a guest writer for the Local Foods, Local Flavors blog:
  • Attend at least three Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition monthly meetings in the next year.
  • Thank your local grocers and restaurants for selling local foods.
  • Register your fruit trees or garden with a local gleaning organization OR share with others what you know about the gleaning opportunities. Visit the Story Map to see what is near their location.
  • Donate fresh food to a local food pantry
  • Reduce your own food waste.
  • Join or organize an action team in the community to provide leadership in moving the goals of the PCFC forward.
  • Attend the annual Palouse-Clearwater Food Summit in January

Do you have more ideas on how we can support local in our community? Share them with us through or through our Membership Application.