Safe Routes to Healthy Food: Where Food Access and Active Travel Intersect

December 1, 2016 the Safe Routes to School National Partnership hosted a webinar introducing the concept of Safe Routes to Healthy Food, that is, the work of overcoming the transportation barriers to accessing nutritious foods.

The webinar will make the case for why active transportation advocates and food access advocates can and should collaborate and provide examples of how communities across the country are working to make it easier, safer, and more convenient for people to walk, bike, or take transit to access healthy foods.


  • Marisa Jones, Nutrition and Physical Activity Project Manager at the Safe Routes to School National Partnership
  • Caroline Harries, Associate Director at The Food Trust

As a result of the webinar, the Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition is exploring ways to partner with Moscow’s Safe Routes to School program and promote Safe Routes to Healthy Food via our Greenways, Paradise Path and Latah Trail system.  If you are interested in being involved in these efforts, contact Colette.

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